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8 things Glastonbury can teach us about organising an event

25 May 2016

After every Glastonbury event, festival-goers leave their mud-drenched tents with ringing ears and a number of fascinating tales of mayhem and magic. For up to five days, they have immersed themselves in festival life, meeting new friends, watching their idols perform on stage, and living as a privileged and enlightened community.

With Glastonbury 2016 on its way, promising to continue its legacy as the music event of the year, we decided to explore what the UK’s biggest festival can teach us about organising corporate events.    

Arrange an exciting lineup of guests

The key to Glastonbury’s success is its reputation in providing music fans with performances from the biggest acts the world has to offer.

A well-known host can make or break an event, which is why it’s critical to secure the experts, influencers and in-demand speakers that perfectly reflect a client’s brand and vision, whilst appealing to their target attendees. 

Choose the right venue

There are few venues in Britain that could handle and manage an event as big as Glastonbury Festival. Neither would it be the iconic gathering it is without the expansive open-air dance floor on which festival goers have partied for 45 years.

Taking this into account, it’s important to prioritise listening to each client’s specific objectives before exploring unique venues that reflect their brand, and suit the event’s size and purpose.

Highlight the brand consistently

When Glastonbury event organisers announced in 2015 that the headline act would be Kanye West, there was a public outcry. Petitions were created, and the festival’s social media pages were flooded with complaints that a hip hop artist was the wrong choice for an event which had built its reputation as perhaps the biggest rock festival in the world.

Remaining true to the client’s brand is of utmost importance when organising corporate events and assisting them in connecting to their audience. This is why it’s critical to ensure that the brand is communicated effectively throughout the event. From promotional materials to social media and video production, planners must immerse themselves in the client’s brand to truly understand and share the essence of who they are. 

Harness the latest technology

Each year, Glastonbury astounds and impresses its audience with the use of exciting audio visual technologies that add a little extra magic to the experience.

In any event, utilising the latest technologies to create interactive experiences for delegates can make them much more effective. One way to achieve this is through creating bespoke applications which attendees can enjoy on their phones and tablets to maximise their interaction and participation, as well as offer an efficient tool for gathering feedback and insights.

Promote effectively

From the moment one Glastonbury festival is over, anticipation starts building for the next. The festival promoters are experts in building an air of excitement, so by the time tickets are finally available, people from all over the world are sat at their computers nervously awaiting the chance to buy their tickets, before thousands of other music fans beat them to it.

When planning an event, ensuring that it’s in full attendance is critical to it’s success. This is why designing bespoke promotional strategies is key to extending the reach of each client’s event, without dramatically increasing the budget.    

Manage your budget

Festivals face many difficulties in creating profit, which is why so many fail in their first year. Glastonbury however, manages to make a significant profit on every occasion, and shows little sign of stopping.

No matter how big your vision for an event, it remains imperative to stay within the client’s budget. This is why it’s of utmost importance to secure the very best rates available through utilising a wide network of suppliers. A skilled events management company can consistently save clients an average of 16% against their projected budget, without compromising on quality.

Ensure accessible facilities

If there is one factor in attending Glastonbury that fans contemplate with horror, it is the toilet situation.

From personalised online facilities for booking to checking in, keeping comfortable and other practical considerations, facilities must be safe, accessible and efficient in order to ensure the event runs as seamlessly as possible, and attendees are provided with everything they require.

Build a lasting impression

Few music fans who have attended Glastonbury have walked away without an experience that will stay with them forever.

When organising an event or business meeting for clients, it is imperative that its objectives are transformed effectively so all delegates leave with a powerful impression. Whether the aim of the event is to educate, promote or reward, it’s important to look beyond the practicalities, and towards creating an experience that remains an enjoyable memory for all who attend. One strategy toward achieving this is prioritising post-event communications to ensure that its memory lives on.

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