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Apps with Benefits

10 July 2015

Integrating meeting applications (a.k.a. Apps) will not only will create a buzz about your program well before the live event, it will also elevate it. Registration becomes seamlessly simplistic and communication to attendees über easier, through the entire event life cycle. All information is stored in one location, and did we mention the environmental benefit of NO MORE PAPER! Most importantly, apps allow us to integrate key adult learning principles that will engage the audience, in addition to increasing content retention. Benjamin Franklin was way ahead of his times when he said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

As the meeting app arena expands, mdevents understands the value of enhancing the attendee experience by integrating the latest technology. mdevents has a preferred technology partner, one of the best in the industry, and this is what he had to say:

- Geolocation technology is being asked about, but not implemented a ton yet. Ultimately, this allows the Event Planner to set up Beacons around the exhibit hall and when a user comes near the Beacon, it will push specific content to that mobile device and provide data as to how many mobile devices were near that Beacon. If you wanted to use the technology further, app users could “Check in” to events just by getting close to that Beacon.

- All in One App - Users don’t want to have to download more than one application, so applications should incorporate as much of the event information as it can. In addition, the app should be a one stop shop for all things pertaining to that event (schedules, speaker/attendee profiles, discussions, social media, pictures, surveys, restaurants nearby, etc.)

- Event apps must be able to be customized with colors, logos, icons and content in real-time. The lead time to create an app should be days and hours, not weeks or months. Meeting applications should be set up as on the go and ready to deploy.

In addition, here are some additional value-adds of integrating an app at your next event:

  • Real time updates to attendees
  • Notifications and group discussions
  •  Live posts from planners or attendees
  • Instant feedback
  • The ability for planners to track which content was used the most and even how many times the app was opened.
  • Mobile Messaging
    • Mobile Messaging is great way for meeting planners to continue to engage event attendees even when an app is not is use. Event administrators can use Mobile Messaging as a way to engage attendees with trivia questions, scavenger hunts, or even videos from the chairperson or speakers. Very simple to reach out to all attendees with an add-to-calendar, quick and helpful reminders, and of course a nice personal thank you to each attendee.

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