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Are Your Meetings Digitally Optimized?

10 July 2015

Taking your meetings to the next level of technological advances can be easier than you think! Turn to the experts at mdevents to help guide you on the new advances in the industry. The latest development is something you’re probably familiar with when it comes to your television: High Definition. ‘HD’ picture refers to the increase of display and visual resolution over the standard quality TV screens. The old school 4:3 analog signals are a thing of the past!

Now you can experience the same level of HD digital quality and resolution in a widescreen format for your meetings. mdevents partners with and expert in this space. They offer an all “HD” audio visual gear truck with the capability of servicing any US city. Our partner’s Mercedes Sprinter trucks have digital equipment, complete with custom road cases for each piece of gear.

But what does this really mean to you? Start thinking bigger, better, and most especially… brighter! Your PowerPoint presentations can now be set in a widescreen 16:9 format, showing it in the truest form of quality and picture. Viewing pictures and playing embedded videos within your presentations will look crystal clear. It’s as if you are viewing them directly on an HD TV. You’ll experience 100% HD quality digital signals, and even have the option for full HD Recording capability with HD Video editing and pre-productions with our onsite technicians.

HD is the new wave of meeting experience enhancements. Be sure to ask for HD capabilities for your next meeting!

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