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Five event details that can reflect your brand

22 April 2016

Companies are always looking to reach out and grow their brand. Investing resources in websites and marketing is unsurprisingly important, but when you’re taking your event on the road for events, trade shows and exhibitions, it's important to look for new and exciting ways to capture customers’ attention.

Read how these event details can help reflect your brand and grow your business.

Design and decor

Whether you are hosting an event or attending an exhibition it is important to have to have a clear brand message. Take any opportunity to attract people towards your stand, such as directional floor stickers and digital boards, and invest in a graphic designer to help create these. 
Try to view with the eyes of a new customer. If you’re looking to attract new customers, you need to stand out and ensure that your branding will be prominently displayed and visible. Research the venue and look for areas where you can make a big impact - your neighbours may have a bigger stand, so a clever use of lighting or additional displays may be needed. Don’t forget to include your stand number on all pre-event marketing materials. You could even adjust email signatures to include these details in the run-up to the event. 

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is great tool to help with pre and post event marketing efforts. Competitions are a great way to attract and connect with your customers before the event - individuals are always more likely to get involved if a good prize is on offer. Don’t forget to create event hashtags and encourage people to share and connect with you in a fun and informal way. As well as drumming up interest, you will also build a valuable database of contacts.  

Brand representatives

Spending money and effort on events can be wasted if you don’t have the right team representing the company. Make sure you pick top team members with a positive disposition to represent your company culture and brand values. Your representatives are an extension of your company, so they need to be prepared to answer a lot of questions, circulate around the venue and engage with people at every opportunity. 

Demonstrations and giveaways

Capturing your audience with demos and giveaways is great way to build brand awareness. If your product is physical then events are perfect opportunities to showcase and demonstrate it, as well as offering visitors an opportunity to interact with it. If you are selling a service, consider running free mini surgery session to offer advice. This will create new business leads and represent your brand in a positive and helpful light. 

Video / photography coverage

Video and photography are a great way to capture and share your post event efforts. Film and photograph as much a possible during the event, set up mini interviews with visitors, and don’t forget to share on social media! This exposure is a great way to build awareness of your presence at the event and what you’re offering. If your budget doesn't allow for your own photography team, then look for an on-site team capturing video and interviewing stand holders, try to pre-book a slot in advance for maximum coverage.

We hope these tips have given you some insight and guidance on how to represent your brand at events. If you found this interesting, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and check out our blog for more advice


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