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Supporting women in business with #buy16in16

7 April 2016

Address the gender imbalance in business and purchase with purpose in 2016, this is the message of the WeConnect #Buy16in16 campaign.

Women have only 60% of the economic opportunities of their male counterparts.

They have less entrepreneurial opportunities and earn less than 1% of the money spent on vendors by large corporations and governments. Globally, the proportion of senior business roles held by women stands at 24%, and while this is up slightly from 22% in 2015, the number of firms with no senior female representation has also risen from 32% to 33%.

Make the change

We’ve been awaiting a great shift for a while now. There is still so much more we can do - men and women, workers, entrepreneurs, people - together we can force the change.

Although the simple expectation of equal rights within the workplace is not yet a reality, it’s fantastic to be involved in organisations that have it firmly at their core and that encourage us to work together to make a difference to the fundamental way the world does business.

The #Buy16in16 campaign is challenging you to purchase at least 16 products or services from 16 different female-owned businesses throughout 2016 - sounds simple, right? So why not go one step further when you make your purchase and let WeConnect know on Twitter using #Buy16in16 with a picture and shout out to the vendor.

Find women-owned businesses

Simply search for the women-owned label. Women-owned is a global project, certified by WeConnect and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council in the United States, that aims to bring consumer recognition to products made by women. Know of a women-owned business not on their list? Let them know and watch the list of female entrepreneurs grow.

You can also search the WeConnect International eNetwork, which holds almost 6,000 profiles for women’s business enterprises in nearly 100 countries. Support female-owned businesses by searching for products and services within your region. This is a fantastic way to bring down barriers and, at the very least, create better recognition for women entrepreneurs the world over.

As a fierce female entrepreneur, I have a personal investment in the #Buy16in16 cause and would love to hear from supporters of all genders. Have something to contribute to the discussion? Let us know on Facebook and LinkedIn in the comment sections. I look forward to seeing the range of products and services created by women, available to everyone.

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