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The rise of freelancers in international event management

25 April 2016

The modern world demands flexible, intelligent and immediate resources, and this need is increasing. Companies who work globally need to be able to tap into local knowledge as well as professional talent.  As a company operating on a global scale, we understand the value of freelance support and the crucial role this plays to reinforce our success in providing innovation, creativity, quality and compliance.

Alistair Barton, Event Co-ordinator at mdgroup, believes a combination of permanent and freelance staff provides the ‘perfect solution’ to clients’ requirements.

Speaking at the 2016 EVCOM Freelance Forum, Alistair explains that using freelance staff creates ‘a substantial benefit during the planning stages of local and international events’.  Speaking first hand about how this impacts mdgroup’s own operations, he expounds the use of ‘multiple freelance, highly talented, graphic designers’.

This extension of the team ‘provided our company with a fresh perspective and an insight into how we are perceived and why. This has allowed us to direct our communications in the correct manner giving our clients the exact information they need in the correct format for maximum impact’.

As well as complementing our core staff, a fluid and effective workforce adds value to our own business by giving us that extra edge in the local and global sectors. We become experts in the client’s business and a trusted partner.

In the Clinical and Life Sciences sector for example, the advantage of having local language speakers for our patient support services is invaluable. Using local experts provides insider knowledge onsite no matter what the event – allowing us to deliver a bespoke service that gives our clients the best experience and quality of service possible.

Every member of staff and associate carries the same company values ensuring our white glove standards of service are upheld no matter the location or sector. Utilising freelance staff enriches the attention to detail that we apply to all of our projects.

Alistair concludes that freelance support is crucial to us as a company and to our industry’s continued progression. The nature of this approach and the value it delivers is why 97% of our customers choose mdgroup time and time again.


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