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A propos de nous

Notre personnel est votre partenaire, en vous apportant expérience, savoir et créativité afin de capturer votre vision et de la transformer en une expérience inoubliable. Nos collaborateurs sont des experts de l'industrie avec un regard professionnel sur les conformités règlementaires. Nous nous occuperons de chaque petit détail de la budgétisation jusqu'à la conformité réglementaire, afin que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur l'ensemble.



Chief Executive Officer

I established mdevents in 2002 with a focus on pharmaceutical meetings, and have since grown the business from a one-person operation to an organisation with over 80 employees and offices in three continents. mdevents is now just one of the limited companies that sits under the mdgroup umbrella, alongside mdrecruitment, Patient Primary, mdtranslate, and expense first. It has been a fantastic journey and one that has brought many rewards and challenges. That is one of the reasons I chose to write 'To Be An Entrepreneur Just Get on With it", a business guide and memoirs aimed at young, budding entrepreneurs.


Chief Operating Officer

Over the past 20 years I’ve managed a number of international event agencies, producing some amazing healthcare, corporate and live events throughout the world. When I’m not working I love French Culture and breeding rare chickens. My favourite city is Vienna because of its beautiful architecture and it also happens to be where I met my wife! If I weren’t working for MD Events I’d be exploring another remote part of the world; Machu Picchu in Peru is first on my list.


Head of Global Operations

For the past eight years I have managed a varied portfolio of global clients across the pharmaceutical industry. I lead a great team who deliver events of the highest quality. Needless to say, I love travel. I've visited every continent in the world, excluding Antarctica. My favourite city is the vibrant, energetic and multicultural Chicago and the one place I’ve not yet been to, but would love to go more than any other, is The Maldives.


Proposals Director

Having a strong customer service orientation has helped me to deliver excellent results and exceed customers’ expectations in the 12 years I’ve worked in the events industry. I’m creative and energetic and love the fast paced environment where professional organisational skills are the key to successful events. Istanbul is the most interesting place I’ve visited. It’s incredibly interesting how different cultures have left their mark in the history of the city. I also love political science and would probably be studying that if I weren’t with MD Events.


Account Director

My experience in organising healthcare meetings amongst other events has proved indispensable to my role as an account manager at MD Events, working on global life science accounts. I thrive on the pressure of organising last minute events and love seeing my hard work pay off. Despite all my travels, I think the diversity of London makes it the best city in the world, but Rapa Nui National Park, Easter Island is a place I’d really love to visit.


Account Director

With more than 20 years’ experience of delivering highly successful global events, I know that great events are built on great client relationships. I’m passionate about what I do and whilst I love travelling I still think my favourite city has to be London. It’s rich in history, has incredible sites, and the bonus of being on my doorstep. It also has a great theatre scene, which is another of my passions, along with being a Toastmaster.

Danielle BLUSIUS

Account Director

Being in event planning for 11 years, I take a lot of pride in being able to relate well with my clients. By listening to my client’s opinions and ideas, I can bring their vision to life. In my current position I have been very fortunate to travel the world and experience amazing places and meet fascinating people, but I also believe ‘There’s no place like home!’ – I’m a Wizard of Oz fan!

Danielle MATHEWS

Event Manager

I’ve been focussed on working in the events world since I was a teenager and with MD Events I’ve had such an amazing experience of the industry. In the past four years I’ve travelled across the globe taking care of some amazing clients and helping to bring incredible events to life. I’ve learnt that attention to detail and meticulous organisation goes a long way. Travel is in my blood, as I lived in Saudi Arabia until I was 11 and, if I weren’t with MD Events you’d find me travelling the world, living out of my backpack.


Support Services Director

I have always worked in the travel sector and enjoyed every minute of it. Being involved in preparations for an event is exciting and tremendously rewarding, whatever part you play. Teamwork is hugely important to me and that is where MD Events truly shines. If I weren’t in my current job, I’d probably be living by the sea, travelling, making the most of ‘time’. Oh, and I would love to have a couple of Aylesbury ducks.


Director, Business Development

I have more than 17 years’ experience in travel and event management and have delivered successful international programmes for organisations of all industry sectors. I get to work with new and existing customers every day, helping to create the framework of memorable events that exceed expectations. If I weren’t with MD Events, I might trade in my desk for a drum kit, or sail up the Mississippi River.


Director, Business Development

In my eight years at MD Events I have met some amazing people and worked with a huge number of clients on hundreds of events. The part of my job I love most is talking to clients and collaborating on creative, tailored event solutions. It’s a bit of a change from my first career as a sports journalist, but then if I wasn’t at MD Events I think I’d be a country singer, so I have a pretty varied range of interests.


Director, Business Development

Event planning has been my life for the last ten years. I’ve worked in various positions largely in the high tech and life sciences industries managing events, coordinating projects and developing new business. What many people don’t know is that when I lived in Illinois, I owned and managed a dance studio. I still love the US and my favourite city is actually Yountville in California.


Compliance & Support Services Manager

My 10 years in the events industry has taken me to some amazing places across the globe and introduced me to some incredible people. It’s a far cry from the job I once had giving out free chocolate dressed as a giant moose! The most interesting place I’ve visited has to be New Zealand, but there’s still a lot more travelling to be done. New York is one place I’d certainly love to go.

Alistair BARTON

Events Co-ordinator

Organisation is my passion, good communication is my method and high quality events are my goal. I’ve been with MD Events for two years now and have loved every second of planning and coordinating events. Believe it or not, but before working for MD Events I’d only ever flown once. That’s all changed and the best city I’ve been to is Saint Petersburg; the sun sets were stunning.


Event Co-ordinator

My very first full time job was booking and organising tribute acts for the local nightclub in my university town. From here, I moved through hospitality and into worldwide corporate events. I love to travel and love to work as part of a dedicated events team bringing our final vision into fruition. When I’m not travelling or working, I’m a Reiki Master and practice holistic therapies.


Event Co-ordinator

I love the fast moving pace of the events industry and the opportunity to work with a variety of different cultures and nationalities. Most people don’t know that I originally graduated as a civil engineer and specialised in road construction, until the lure of events and travel got the better of me. I think Berlin has got to be one of the most fascinating cities I’ve been to and I would love to travel and experience the culture of Japan.


Event Manager - Russia

I’ve been working in the Events Industry for the past three years. I love the variety, exciting travel opportunities, great work life balance and a new challenge every day. You really need to be robust and hardworking and I can hardly imagine myself in any other industry. I love travel and Venice is my favourite city; it’s so unlike anywhere else on earth. But my other passion is music and if I weren’t working for MD Events, I’d be a singer.


Event Manager

I’ve wanted to work in the event industry all my life, and since graduating I’ve worked in the Banking, Law and Pharmaceutical sectors producing some great events for amazing clients. Many people don’t know that I have an identical twin, but we can’t read each other’s minds unfortunately. If I weren’t working for MD Events, I’d love to run a little boutique B&B in the beautiful Cornish countryside.


Regional Director, LatAm

This industry is all about people. Whether creating incentive trips or organizing meeting logistics, the bottom line is people and the impact you create in their lives. Apart from work I’ve got so many other interests. I learnt to play tennis in my 40s and have won three local tournaments and I also love art. In fact, were it not for MD Events I’d love to work in the opera houses of Milan or Paris.

Aleksandra KHARYBINA

Event Co-ordinator

Since University, I dreamt of working for an international company that produced events all over the world. Less than three years since my graduation and that dream has come true with MD Events. The best city I’ve been to so far has to be St. Petersburg with its white nights and open bridges. One day I’d love go to the Maya Pyramid in Mexico. I’m so grateful to be working with MD Events, and if I weren’t already on staff, I’d be trying to find a way to join this great team.


Event Co-ordinator

Since graduating from university two years ago, I moved to England to pursue a career in events and haven’t looked back since. This industry has allowed me to travel the world and engage in new cultures. Above all, I enjoy seeing meetings come to life through hard work, dedication and creativity. The most interesting place I’ve visited is the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia and that’s probably where I’d be living and working if it weren’t for MD Events.


Event Specialist

The events industry provides an array of exposure to travel, languages and cultures, which are three of the top things on my favourites list. They’re things that have helped me grow on a professional and personal level. I’ve been to so many amazing places, but New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and probably my favourite. Incidentally, it often surprises people that I don’t like chocolate of any form!


Event Co-ordinator

My journey started as event assistant during the school holidays. It sealed my passion for this industry and I love the learning and development opportunities it offers. Travelling has certainly expanded my cultural knowledge and meeting people from all over world, is priceless. The one place I’d really love to visit is the Silk Road that links Europe and Asia. The history is fascinating and I’d love to learn more.


Event Co-ordinator

Since graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia in 2014, I jumped right into a career in events. Event coordinating has allowed me to incorporate my background of communications, international education and new technologies with my passion for travel and people. There are so many places I’d love to visit and Havana in Cuba and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland are both on the list. I love to write too and had my first piece published when I was nine.


Event Co-ordinator

Having a degree in international relations, I chose a career in the events industry because it allows me to work in a multinational team, to think big and see the entire process of project delivery from the very inception to the final product. Moreover, I get the chance to meet so many wonderful people from all around the world. The most interesting place I’ve been is Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe and, to be honest, I’m not sure what I’d be doing if I weren’t with MD Events!


Event Co-ordinator

After graduating last year, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to go straight into coordinating global events here at MD Events. I love travelling the world and New York, the city that never sleeps, has got to be my favourite place. If I weren’t with MD Events, I’d most certainly be travelling the world. Lake Bled in Slovenia is the most fascinating place I’ve been to so far and China is high on my to do list.

Lesley GOULD

Senior Proposal Consultant

I have worked in the events industry for the past 11 years and have worked on numerous of exciting events all over the world. I fell into this industry and it has given me some fantastic travel opportunities as well as working with some amazing people. My favourite place that I've visited has to be the Maldives; it's paradise. One place that I haven't been to yet and would love to is Venice, it looks like such a romantic city. In my spare time I love trampolining and used to bounce for Great Britain and I enjoy long walks with my boxer dog. If I wasn't working for MD Events I'd probably have a cupcake cafe somewhere near the coast.


Proposal Consultant

I started working for MD events in March 2014 and now work in business development researching and finding venues for great events. I love the sites and the shopping in Paris, but the one place I’ve yet to visit and would love to is Thailand. My other passion is baking and if I weren’t working with MD Events, I’d be attempting to open my own cake shop.


Accounts Assistant

After working in the Finance industry for the past five year, the world of events is relatively new to me. But it’s great to put my skills and knowledge to good use and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking. If I had more time, I’d love to perfect my cake decorating skills!

James Mccann

Financial Director

I bring a wealth of experience to mdevents with a background in technology and service companies. As a financial director, I’ve helped to turn companies around, shape strategy and manage key client and partner relationships. I love the variety my job brings and being part of a great team. If I wasn’t working for mdevents, I’d like to spend my days reading or honing my cookery and golf skills. What many people don’t know about me is that I used to be dab hand at throwing my opponents in judo too.

Natalie MUDGE

Asst. Management Accountant

I love putting my finance experience to work in a vibrant and fast paced industry, like events management. I’m currently completing my accountancy qualifications and know that attention to detail is everything. Thailand is probably the most interesting place I’ve been to and whilst there I actually had the privilege of feeding a baby tiger. In contrast to Asia, the one place I’d really love to explore is the bright lights of Las Vegas.


Senior Accounts Assistant

For the last ten years I’ve worked in finance and have studied and passed my AAT accountancy qualification. This has given me some great skills, which I’m delighted to be using at MD Events. Travel has always been a passion of mine, and I’m certainly not afraid of a new challenge. Whilst travelling in Australia I camped out for two nights in the outback, rounded up two fields of sheep on horseback and I had no idea what I was eating.


Accounts Assistant

Over the past 20 years I’ve worn many hats in the finance world, covering everything from marketing and wholesaling to event planning and budgeting. Meeting different types of people is a passion and has made my client servicing and management skills exceptional. I’m also a fitness enthusiast and would probably be kicking bootie as a spin instructor or owning a restaurant if I weren’t with MD Events.


Graphic Designer

I am a creative designer and enjoy the challenges of working on a wide range of media from print to digital. I like that no two days are ever the same here at MD Events. Coming from the North, my favourite city has to be Manchester, but my favourite place is the Scottish Highlands with its stunning scenery. When I am not working I love to go running and research my family history.

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